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Discover Redfish & Bull Redfish Fishing Near Venice Louisiana

Redfish - Sciaenops ocellatus

The Red Drum, known by a myriad of names such as redfish, reds, red bass, spot tail, channel bass, bull red, bull drum fish, rat red, and tropical sea bass, presents anglers in the Venice, LA area with a multifaceted species that blends culinary delight with an enthralling fishing challenge. Redfish feature a striking dark red hue along their dorsal area, gradually transitioning into a pristine white shade on their ventral side. However, the most distinctive and instantly recognizable feature of a red drum is the large black spot adorning the upper part of its tail base.

While it’s not unusual for some redfish to possess multiple spots, finding one devoid of spots is an extreme rarity.  Scientists speculate that the black spot near their tail serves as a cunning decoy, misdirecting predators to target the red drum’s tail instead of its vulnerable head, facilitating the red drum’s escape.

Anglers casting their lines in Venice can rightfully anticipate encounters with redfish spanning the 20 to 30-pound range, with the tantalizing prospect of reeling in specimens tipping the scales at a substantial 40 pounds or more.  What truly sets this fishery apart is its unique ability to consistently yield giant red drum throughout the year.  These colossal red drum, often affectionately referred to as “bull reds,” boast a mild, succulent flavor and tender white meat that tantalize the taste buds.  In contrast, the meat of large redfish make are the world’s famous known blackened redfish.  Make sure the blood line is cut out and meat is thin cut for searing.

Redfish & Bull Redfish Fishing
Two People showing off their Redfish they caught

Concerning habitat preference, immature redfish exhibit a distinct fondness for grass marsh areas within bays and estuaries, gravitating towards these environments whenever they are available. The mouths of the passes in these areas can transform into feeding hotspots during tide changes, drawing in baitfish, crabs, and shrimp as they get carried out of the lagoons during ebbing tides. Along the outer beaches, redfish congregate on warm days, eagerly indulging in schools of pogies. Both young mature red drum, aged between 3 and 6 years, and bull red drum exhibit a preference for rocky outcroppings, including jetties and manmade structures such as oil rigs and bridge posts. Typically, three-year-old red drum weigh in at a respectable 6 to 8 pounds, marking the early stages of their growth.

Redfish grow rapidly, achieving maturity at a size of 28 inches within just three to five years.  It’s imperative to clarify the distinction between redfish and bull reds – they are, indeed, the same species.    A “bull red” simply denotes a more substantial, mature redfish, typically measuring over 27-60 inches.  Meanwhile, a “slot red” encompasses those within the 18-26 inch range, and a “rat red” is a term reserved for redfish under 16-17 inches.  A sizable bull redfish is defined as anything exceeding 30 inches and reaching 40 inches is a one in a lifetime opportunity for most fisherman & fisherwoman. Venice Louisiana is known to carry some of the largest schools of these across the coast.

Redfish & Bull Redfish Fishing
Man showing off their Bull Redfish they caught

Nestled at the juncture where the mighty Mississippi River converges with the Gulf of Mexico, Venice, Louisiana, stands as one of the most fertile and productive fishing paradises on the planet.  This remarkable location has earned the dual distinction of being dubbed “Tuna Town” and the “Redfish Capital of the World.”  Venice’s waters encompasses a diverse range of fishing experiences, from exploring brackish estuaries along the coast to venturing into the depths of offshore waters, with every oil rig and structure in between teeming with marine life. Redfish charters will take you to the best spots for redfish fishing in Venice, Louisiana.

During the summer and fall, adult red drum eagerly feast on a menu of crabs, shrimp, and mullet.  However, in the spring and fall, their culinary preferences undergo a transition, with adult red drum frenzy blowing up in huge schools eating menhaden pogie, their main diet. The ideal season for targeting redfish in higher numbers, particularly across the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  The marshscape also awakens, adorned with lush greenery and teeming with burgeoning life. Summer unveils a bountiful assortment of big redfish across various size categories, with 5 to 15-pounders in abundance, providing anglers with numerous opportunities. Even the marshes play host to bull redfish, often spotted tailing, backing, belly-crawling, and cruising. Fall and winter is the best time for redfish fishing, especially in clear waters, with the focus primarily on schooling and individual bull reds. Bull reds transition from deep-cut bayous to shallow, open-water bays and marsh edges during warm fall and winter days.  As the weather cools down and water temperatures drop, bull reds seek out dark mud bottoms, soaking. Redfish season also marks a bustling period, with redfish bait sales increasing, bookings for redfish fishing charters filling up rapidly and well in advance due to the high demand for the thrilling pursuit of trophy bull red fish.

Read a few of recent client reviews left on TripAdvisor:

Awesome fishing experience with best guide at Venice
I have fished with Captain Chad for four years now and he never ceases to amaze me. We have been in all conditions from storms to calm, hot to cold, rain, wind you name it and Chad always seems to know the little spot that we can find fish. I have never had to worry about who I bring with me as Chad is always family friendly. By far he is the best guide in Venice. It is an honor to know him and look forward to my next outing with him. This last outing I had with him, we caught and threw back over 50 bull reds and large black drums. I am surprised the net held together as we used it to bring in 2 bull reds at a time.

Redfish for miles
Chad put us on over 200 redfish in 3 days, plus plenty of sheepshead and black drum. I didn’t count, but something like 10-12 redfish over 40 inches, and probably 2-3 dozen more over 30 inches. But for someone that fishes weekly, what I look for most in a good guide experience is how hard they work. Catching fish was awesome, but most impressive to me was how hard Chad worked the entire day to make our experience as memorable as possible. Call this guy and set up a trip with him…now!

Great Captain, adept at adjusting the plan to challenging conditions.
Captain Chad is great. He's the kind of guy you'd like to go fishing with anytime even if he wasn't your captain. The day we fished with him was pretty breezy, so he had to adjust his plan to keep us out of the wind and chop as much as possible. We still caught our limit of Redfish by 9:00 AM and then went on to catch a load of Sheepshead including PB's for both of us and a handful of Drum.

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